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Property Developer Services

Building Proofing against the unwanted!

Ambush Pest Control offer a consultancy service, best used at the design stage, to ensure that your building and environment design helps to deter or reduce the possibility of infestations. Ambush Pest Control have developed a variety of solutions for different types of businesses and organisations to provide the most effective solution.

We offer a introductory no fee no obligation consultation in order that we can propose the best solution for you.

Using some or many of the following we can help you to avoid or reduce infestations.

Exterior Design

Remove lights on or near building that may attract night-flying insects and maintaining plant-free zones to discourage insects from entering.

Correct structural features that provide opportunities for bird roosting and nesting. Avoid locating decorative lattices over entrances to food services facilities that may inadvertently serve as bird roosts.

Install bird-proof barriers that are designed to prevent both pigeon and sparrow access to preferred nesting sites.

Design exterior light fixtures so that birds cannot roost or nest on or in them. Fit eave roof tiles with bird stops (that will also exclude bats, bees and wasps). Screen or otherwise eliminate animal access under decks, porches, stairways, seal porches and ramps to the building foundation to form a barrier to digging pests such as rats. 

Refuse and Recycling Areas

Design site with properly graded concrete or asphalt pads to help prevent rats from establishing burrows beneath them. Design site with solid enclosure that extends all the way to the ground. Use metal or synthetic materials, as opposed to chain-link, wood, etc. to prevent rodents from gnawing and climbing the enclosure. Design trash storage areas that can be closed off from the rest of the building.

Landscaped Areas

Choose proven performers, plants known to do well in the intended planting area. Avoid plants with history of pest problems. Use resistant plant species and cultivars when available. Give preference to plants that shed a minimum of seeds and fruits, that may attract and support insects, rodents, and undesired birds.

Avoid crowding of landscape plantings. Group plantings with similar cultural requirements. Install or retrofit fence lines and other turf or landscape borders with concrete mowing strips. Plant trees away from buildings to prevent easy access to buildings for insects and rodents.

Storage Areas and Building Perimeters

Equip storage area with self-closing doors. Seal all plumbing and electrical service entrances. Keep doors closed tightly; equip doors with self-closures and door sweeps.

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